Israeli Spacecraft Failed in an Attempt to Land On Moon

Israeli Spacecraft Failed in an Attempt to Land On Moon

An Israeli spacecraft has crashed into the moon near to its landing on the lunar land. Beresheet reached the moon on Thursday and had a bold attempt to land. Unfortunately, its intended soft landing was unsuccessful. It was the first privately funded lunar landing. Besides, it was a semisweet end for the Israeli lander. About 20 minutes before the slated time of landing, engine firings reduced speed Beresheet’s fall. The spacecraft lost contact with ground staff during its final drop. Engineers observed in silence as they saw the craft falling live on several screens. It flew towards a free-fall and failed to land softly. After some time, the team declared the failure of the mission. The probe lifted-off on Feb. 21, from Cape Carnival Air Force Station loaded on SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

Recently, in last week the spacecraft entered into the lunar orbit, and also captured its first images of the dark side of the moon. The team said the spacecraft has various technical problems while going through the final descent to the Moon. Before its ultimate end, the Israeli probe snapped a final pic of the lunar land which the spacecraft sent back to Earth. Landing softly on the space rock is absolutely a complex task. All in all, the lander failed to achieve its core mission of a soft moon landing. Still, it has marked with many important initials. As it was the first private spacecraft to enter in the lunar orbit. Even more, due to the mission, Israel has become the seventh nation to place its probe in the moon’s orbit.

Opher Doron of Israel Aerospace Industries said they certainly crashed on the lunar land. Despite unsuccessful landing, Doron calls it a stunning success, for reaching the moon and attempting to land successfully. He added the washing-machine-sized spacecraft was the smallest and cheapest space vehicle ever to get to the moon. Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, was also present during the live stream of spacecraft’s landing. He said they would do it once again. Netanyahu stated they reached the moon, but aim to land more easily. The Israeli Prime Minister promises the safe one for the next time.

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