Walmart Purchases a Start-up Ad Company to Grow Its Advertising Business

Walmart Purchases a Start-up Ad Company to Grow Its Advertising Business

On Thursday, Walmart Inc. announced that it will purchase the technology and resources of Polymorph, a Silicon-Valley based startup company. The company is an add-on to Walmart Media Group, Walmart’s developing ad business. The move will assist the retailer to better compete through online digital ads which are targeted using shopper’s data. The company has not disclosed any particulars, not even the value if the transaction. In a statement published on its website, Stefanie Jay, vice president, and general manager of Walmart Media Group revealed the fact. The retail giant has been developing its advertising business for some time already.

Jay stated the move to purchase Polymorph is a crucial part of its advertising plans. Particularly, the ad company includes a high-speed server, a self-serve interface and server-side header bidding. Thus, it will make easier for Walmart to advertise thousands of brands. It will deliver more suitable ads to the customers. The process of recommending products will be fast than the classic one. Polymorph also owns a much-faster server at client-side.

Walmart and Amazon are longtime rivals, but Amazon has a large ever-growing advertising business. It has surpassed Walmart in its online ad business, as Walmart’s add business is much smaller than that of Amazon. As per Jay’s statement, the purchasing of Polymorph technology will enable both existing and new advertisers to manage their ad payout with them. The purchase of the tech company comes only months after Walmart purchased its ad sales in-house aiming to create a bigger advertising business. The move will also allow other giant suppliers like P&G, Mondelez, and Unilever to work together with one ad team. It will allow advertisers to utilize a unique combination of in-store and online shopper data from Walmart’s hundreds of millions of customers, making ad buying more proficient. Still, Walmart has room to grow.

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