Hackers Were Able to Access Some Outlook Accounts for Several Months

Hackers Were Able to Access Some Outlook Accounts for Several Months

On Saturday, Microsoft confirmed that hackers targeted some users of its Outlook, the email service. As per reports of The Verge, a support agent’s account was hacked during January-March 2019. Thus the malicious hackers gained access to many users’ email addresses, subject lines of emails on Outlook. Microsoft has confirmed to TechCrunch about the data breach. The company said some users of web email services like Hotmail or MSN had their accounts compromised. It also notified some users of Outlook that someone looked into their accounts before a month. In the security message, Microsoft regrets any difficulty initiated due to the issue. Even more, the company assures its users that it has activated its teams in the inquiry and to solve the problem. Microsoft is also appending additional setting of system and processes to avoid such an event in the future.

A Microsoft representative stated that they would solve the matter by deactivating the violated accounts and blocking illegal access. Thankfully the breach did not expose login credentials or message contents. Still, the company is recommending its users to reset their passwords. The exact number of users affected by the data leak or the largest group of victims remains a mystery. Besides, Microsoft has no hint why hackers accessed the information and at what extent it is used. There is a possibility that affected users may receive a phishing or spam emails. Thus the company recommends to be alert and be alert while communicating via emails. It warns particularly about the misguiding e-mails who demand personal information or payment.

As of today, no enterprise customers are affected due to illegal access. The news of data breach comes weeks after an ex-security analyst plead guilty to hacking into Microsoft and Nintendo servers. Before this, in January 2017, some hackers violated Microsoft’s Windows development servers for a number of weeks. As a result, hackers across Europe had access to a version of Windows before its release.

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