Parents Files a Lawsuit Against Mayor’s Order of Vaccine Compulsion to Curb Measles Outbreak

Parents Files a Lawsuit Against Mayor’s Order of Vaccine Compulsion to Curb Measles Outbreak

On Monday, five parents filed a case against the New York City Department of Health. As per the lawsuit, the city exceeded its authority by making the vaccine compulsory in the paces surrounded by measles outbreak. According to the CDC, there is a massive rise in the number of measles cases this year. With 90 new cases in just a week, Mayor Bill de Blasio, Mayor of New York City, declared a state of a public health emergency. Parents are facing a fine of $1,000 for every unvaccinated child. On the other hand, a case from Brooklyn parents asserts that the new step is out of bounds.

The state of a public health emergency is applicable in four Brooklyn ZIP codes. From October, more than 200 measles cases emerged, particularly in the Orthodox Jewish Community. Five Brooklyn mothers claim that the Mayor of illegally targeting Jews with a strange state of emergency. Thus those mothers along with the support of five doctors and patient supporters filed a case through Robert F Kennedy, an anti-vaxxer lawyer. They lawsuit appeals to suspend the compulsion imposed on vaccination. The women say immunization is against their religion and they should not put a foreign body in their child’s body. They also stated obliging vaccinations would put their kids in danger.

The requestors also appealed the New York Supreme Court to issue a temporary order to stop the Department of Health. As per the CDC, the measles mumps rubella vaccine is 97% effective to protect people from measles. As it is a highly contagious disease, so getting an MMR vaccine is safer than getting the highly infectious disease. But the mothers claim the ongoing measles epidemic is not a big deal. Around 329 cases reported on Monday om New York City, and the figure could rise in the upcoming few weeks. Besides, it is the largest measles outbreak since 1991. Dr. Nancy Messonier, director of the CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, states the epidemic will not stop by itself. She is anxious about the size and boosting up of the current outbreak.

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