A Measles-Affected Person Visited Google’s Silicon Valley Headquarters

A Measles-Affected Person Visited Google’s Silicon Valley Headquarters

Google reportedly warned its workers regarding the highly contagious disease. The health department of Santa Clara County, California said a person with measles visited Google’s Silicon Valley headquarters. The campus is now facing an in-house case of measles as the virus rose again across the nation. Besides the news of measles exposure arrives as the search giant, and YouTube faces criticism for encouraging and publishing anti-vaccine content. The highly contagious disease is surging across the U.S. this year, after the elimination of almost two decades. While experts have blamed the anti-vaccine misguidance on sites like YouTube played a crucial role in spreading the disease.

According to the California Department of health, California has reported 21 cases of measles in the current year. At the moment, measles has re-arrived in the U.S. along with 550 cases this year. It is the second highest figure since past two decades. San Mateo County Health reported two other new cases of measles on Wednesday. Cassius Lockett, director of public health, policy and planning for the health department, said one of the victims was an adult resident. The person even visited Google building in Mountain View on April 4. Britt Ehrhardt, public health communications officer for the County’s Public Health Department, revealed about no further risk to the community. The official says the adult who visited Google is not associated with other cases in Santa Clara County.

Google’s occupational medicine doctor David Kaye said the email note is just as a precaution. The doctor had been working with the department of health. Dr Kaye noted that the department would share measles advisory, including information, exposure risks, and steps to take in case of the disease. According to the CDC, measles is a highly contagious disease, but it is a vaccine-preventable illness. It mainly results in rashes of flat red spots all over the body. Some of the symptoms of the disease include cough, runny nose, fever, and watery eyes. Even more, the contagious disease may lead to death in case some severe complications are reached.

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