Facebook is Building Voice Assistant Service

Facebook is Building Voice Assistant Service

Facebook is always looking for ways to counter the competition and this time; the company is building a voice assistant to compete with Apple and Google. According to the sources working on this project, Facebook is developing a new Voice assistant, that would take on Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant from Google. Facebook is working on this project from 2018, and the project is about to finish. It was a top-secret amongst the employees since the start of 2018. After continuing the development for two years, the voice assistant is getting ready for beta testings.

Facebook’s augmented reality and virtual reality division are working on the Voice assistant. The same division works on the Oculus Rift VR headsets. The project is taking shape in the offices in Redmond, Washington. According to the former employees working on this project, Ira Snyder, director of AR/VR and Facebook Assistant is leading the development of the AI assistant from Facebook. Also, the development team is in the contacts with the smart speaker suppliers for hosting the voice assistant, similar to the Google Home devices. This means Facebook is willing to launch the Digital Device with Voice assistant to compete with Amazon’s Alexa Echo and Google’s Home devices. Also, the online AI assistant will make its debut on Facebook’s social networking site.

In the US, Amazon’s Alexa Echo Dot has captured the portable Smart Speaker industry with 67%. On the other hand, and Google Home devices have trapped 30% shares respectively. To compete with these two giants, Facebook would have to be unique and persistent to the customers; otherwise; it is difficult to withstand the competition. Facebook’s history with developing AI Assistants in not so good. With the last AI bots speaking in jibberish language to each other, the company permanently shut down the development.

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