Apple Planning to Bring new Find my iPhone App for Non-iOS Devices

Apple Planning to Bring new Find my iPhone App for Non-iOS Devices

Apple’s Find My iPhone app is pretty high for tracking the exact location of the device if it’s lost or stolen. According to the reports circulating in the market, Apple is planning to merge “Find My iPhone” and “Find my Friends” services into a single app and launch a new app for non-iOS devices. With this application for iOS and other mobile operating systems, the users can find the exact location of a variety of devices too. The app would be launched on iOS and MacOS as marzipan based app.

The app would be smarter than the Find My iPhone app with additional features. The new app would find the exact location by using the Wi-Fi or cellular network signal even when the phone is not connected to the internet or does not have active GPS coverage. It will have all of the features of Find My iPhone like the Loud Ring option to make the device make a loud sound if you mark it as “Lost.” Apple is developing a new tag named “B389”, which will allow you to track the items after assigning a tag. Once you do so, connect it with the iCloud account and you are done.

Everything in the new app will be borrowed from older apps like Find My iPhone and Find My Friends. The only new thing that Apple is introducing is the feature to track Non-iOS devices. You can share the location with your friends and ask your friends to share their locations. This would provide more functionality to the users to keep track of their non-iOS devices at the same time with a single app. This is not an official announcement as Apple has yet to announce anything about this app. There is no information available about this app, but we might see Apple unveiling this app in the upcoming WWDC, which is scheduled just two months later from now.

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