Samsung Delays to Launch its Foldable Phone in China

Samsung Delays to Launch its Foldable Phone in China

Reportedly, Samsung is cancelling launch events for its troubled Galaxy Fold in China. According to SamMobile, the news of delay arrives after reports of defective screens on the $2,000 device. While the official reason behind the cancellation is a venue, but there’s something more than that. Still, the phone maker did not detail on reasons behind rescheduling. Thus it is not clear if Samsung’s first attempt for a foldable display device is ready to use or not. As per SamMobile, an official familiar with the matter said about the delay. On the other hand, Richard Lai, Engadget Chinese editor-in-chief, published a post declaring reschedule. It revealed the company had cancelled two events on April 23 and 24.

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold will arrive in some markets, including the U.S., on April 26. A user can fold the flexible screen in half. The user can open up the screen to experience a larger display. Journalists at the Verge, CNBC and Bloomberg, all have reported issues with the screen. Some of the reviews peeled-off the protective film from the screen, which resulted in some display-related problems. Samsung said they have received few feedbacks in case of the main screen. The company assures to test the samples to know the reason behind issues.

While offering the foldable device to the customers, the phone maker warned not to remove the protective film. Whereas, some reviewers said after just a day of use, the device has damaged, or it is broken. Although, reported issues include problems like hinge, broken screens. The series also contains issues occurred due to accidental removal of protective cover. Probably Samsung hopes that only samples issued to media are facing the issue. Still, the phone maker intends to sell the foldable device in South Korean and European market in May. The company confirmed that it had not changed its plans to launch the gadget in the U.S.

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