Power Glitch on the ISS May Delay SpaceX Resupply Launch

Power Glitch on the ISS May Delay SpaceX Resupply Launch

It seems like the International Space Station is not working correctly. On Monday, NASA published a notice revealing a new update regarding the upcoming journey towards the orbiting lab. The announcement also noted a problem in ISS’s electrical power system. The electric energy unit on the ISS failed on Monday, taking down two out of eight power channels of the lab. Officials said crew members are out of danger and engineers are trying to resolve the issue. Maybe the problem will not get solved. There is a need to replace the problematic electrical box with another spare. Thus NASA would have to delay the launch of SpaceX Dragon supply ship slated on Wednesday.

A SpaceXDragon cargo spacecraft is ready to dock to the ISS from Florida. As per the notice, Dragon encapsulated on the Falcon 9 rocket will lift off on Wednesday at 3:59 a.m. EDT. The capsule is loaded with around 5,500 pounds of tools and supplies. Besides, deliveries will even include fresh supplies, scientific equipment, and other essential tools for the crew members. NASA’s David Saint Jacques will control the robotics activity on Saturday. The dragon would reach the ISS on Friday early morning. Additionally, there Expedition 59 crew will welcome Dragon. The lab’s robotic arm will lock and pull it on for docking. Usually, the Canadian-built robot arm functions on one power source. But as per NASA’s policy, it needs two for redundancy. Failure to restore the other power might result in another delay for the payload delivery.

As one of the two power circuit, which backs arm operations, has knocked out. NASA said the issue is present in the central bus switching unit that transmits power to two of eight power channel. Now the space agency is trying to find what caused the failure. It is also looking forward to restoring the entire power of the space lab.

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