Two Customers Contracted HIV after having Vampire Facial at a Mexico Spa

Two Customers Contracted HIV after having Vampire Facial at a Mexico Spa

People believe to relax by visiting a spa. They visit those treatment hubs having various types of services like body massage, steam bath, facials, manicure, pedicure etc. Have you ever imagined those beauty treatment centres may cause illness in people? Yes, two people got HIV after having a facial at a health spa. The New Mexico Department of Health found that two people contracted HIV due to vampire facials at a spa in Albuquerque. On Monday, the agency warned all clients, who received injection services at the facility, to get tested. Last year, during an enquiry of VIP Spa the agency, came to know that the staff was not using needles properly. Those VIP’s conducts had the probability to expose clients to blood-borne diseases. At the time, they ordered to close the shop.

Improper use of needles and syringes left a vulnerability of having infections and diseases. The Department of Health fears the unknown customers undergone the anti-ageing procedure may have been infected by the injections. From the time of the spa’s closure, around 100 clients have been tested. Among those two customers have contracted with HIV, signifying they got the infection from the spa. As per reports of KOB 4, the opening date of the facility is unavailable. But its license expired in 2013. Besides, the NMDOH is offering free HIV testing at two testing centres for the people who visited the unhygienic spa.

The two infected people visited the spa between May and September 2018. Both don’t even know the VIP Spa staff has used untidy needles during the treatment. The procedure of vampire facial includes many steps. Firstly, they take out blood from a person’s body and supercharge the growth factor and cell renewal portion of it in a centrifuge. After that, they used to inject the blood back into the face where it should stimulate cell turnover. Re-Injected blood has high levels of proteins and other nutrients. According to beauticians, enhanced blood can boost the growth of skin cells and decrease skin ageing. Whereas, Kathy Kunkel, the NMDOH Cabinet secretary, said testing is essential for everyone as there exist effective treatments for HIV and hepatitis infections.

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