Microsoft Launches New Azure SQL Database to the Edge

Microsoft Launches New Azure SQL Database to the Edge

Today, Microsoft is introducing a fascinating update to its list of database. The new tool along with a glimpse of Azure SQL Database Edge is a new IoT database. It is the same database engine which powers Azure SQL Database in the cloud. The new database is specially developed to run on the edge and has strong data and analysis potentials. It also has offers other services like edge computing devices, including first-ever, Arm-based machines. Thus Azure SQL database Edge can even run on ARM devices. Due to its reliance on SQL Server, developers can use the same tools and languages that they already know.

Microsoft already has the SQL server and the Azure SQL Database. Both are two most-powerful and leading databases for the cloud and local networks. Very few days are remaining for the tech giant’s Build 2019 Developer Conference. So it seems like Microsoft is sharing various Azure-special announcements. Last year, at Build, the software maker announced a glimpse of Azure Machine Learning Hardware Accelerated Models. At the time, the company took its first step towards publicly offering Microsoft’s FPGA processing for AI workloads. Julia White, Azure SQL Edge, Azure corporate vice president, says the company has focused the advances at the edge. It makes the platform easy to use along with a safe SQL engine that Microsoft’s users love in Azure SQL Database and SQL Server.

The new service has the potential to run on X64-based devices and edge gateways. It also assures to introduce low-latency analytics to edge devices. The new service enables its users to work with two types of data i.e., streaming and time-series data. Even more, it will include various machine learning techniques of Azure SQL Database. Similar to that of the previous database, Azure SQL Database Edge will also hold up graph data. The security and encryption features that are very essential for an edge device.

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