CDC Warns People to Boil Chicken Instead of Washing It Before Cooking

CDC Warns People to Boil Chicken Instead of Washing It Before Cooking

Many of us rinse chicken before cooking as a precautionary step that helps to prevent diseases. But the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the move could impose more harm. Health officials once again warned people about the risks of washing raw chicken before cooking it. They quote the risk of spreading harmful bacteria to other food items and utensils. The CDC offered a link to a list of in a tweet. As per the health agency, those measures can assist in reducing the chances of food poisoning while cooking at home.

The post created a rain of fire of social media replies. It also made many people upset, who believe there’s nothing bad in washing chicken before cooking. They even claimed that cleaning sink and countertop after washing chicken would stop spreading of harmful germs. On the other hand, CDC defended its opinion. The health agency maintains that cooking chicken thoroughly would kill bacteria than that of washing. But the statement did not calm people who backfired, protecting their view of washing, is the safest way. The U.S. Department of Agriculture agrees with the CDC’s suggestion. Besides, health experts say although one can clean a sink after washing chicken. But the issue remain is water, which may splash on other areas of the kitchen and even on clothes.

The CDC said, if they cook the chicken to an internal temperature of 165˚F, will kill all germs. It will even avoid the chances of food poisoning. The American health agency said most of the people across the U.S. eat more chicken than any other meat. Although chicken is a nutritious choice, the raw chicken may sometimes have traces of harmful bacteria. The range includes salmonella, Campylobacter bacteria, and Clostridium perfringens bacteria. If one eats undercooked chicken or other food tainted by raw chicken, it may lead to foodborne illness. The agency suggests placing raw chicken in a disposable bag before keeping it in the shopping cart or refrigerator. People should wash their hands with soapy water after handling the chicken. Using a separate cutting board to handle it is the best choice.

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