Secretlab and HBO Unveiled New Game of Thrones Gaming Chairs

Secretlab and HBO Unveiled New Game of Thrones Gaming Chairs

There’s a piece of good news for Game of Thrones fans. Now the game is finally coming to an end. The new arrival is a result of a partnership between Secretlab and HBO. Recently, both companies announced a lineup of limited-edition chairs. No, those chairs are not a thousand sword chairs that Aegon Targaryen snatched during the War of Conquest. The gaming chairmaker has made them to celebrate the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones. New arrival spots three of the most well-known houses from the show – The Stark, Lannister, and Targaryen. It includes each house depicted with various chairs matching the factions colour themes and their unique signs. Still, many fans are eagerly waiting to know who will perform on the Iron Throne.

Secretlab, a famous gaming chair brand, is looking forward to improving with their new formation of Game of Thrones-inspired by gaming chairs. The chairs arrive in a series of different styles. Each chair reveals a different house from the fantasy show. Last week, the company has shown off the new chairs. If you know the colour schemes of different houses, you will know which chair belongs to which house. One can even get a better preview through Secret labs promo page that includes the whole string of Game of Thrones chairs. Among various styles, the above mentioned three designs are pretty amazing. Sigil of the respective house is embroidered into the chair along with the house words.

Keeping houses on one side, the Lannister chair is possibly the coolest. Besides, it has a fascinating, most fine branding along with the most elegant design. As per the website of Secretlab, each of the three chairs are available in Omega or Titan lines of products. The chairs come in various sizes so that fans can select the best-suited size for themselves. Titan chairs are available for $429 each, while Omega chairs starting at $389 are quite less expensive. All of the chairs are available for booking now.

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