EA Exposes Plans to Launch Apex Legends On Mobile Devices

EA Exposes Plans to Launch Apex Legends On Mobile Devices

Recently, EA announced its quarterly proceeds, and it has surprised with the news of Apex Legends. Same time last year, the hit battle royale game Fornite arrived on the App Store. The arrival of PUBG on iOS followed that. Now EA says it intends to launch its Apex Legends battle royale game on mobile platforms, even on iOS. The move arrives after Epic Games launched its hit battle royale game for mobile phones. Now mobile gamers would have Apex Legends, from developer Respawn, to come on mobile devices in the upcoming time. Thus mobile players can use a smartphone or tablet to engage in battle.

Apex Legends, already very famous on PS4, Xbox One, and desktops, is now coming to a new platform. Electronic Arts’ CEO Andrew Wilson has confirmed the news revealing a mobile version of the battle royal game is under progress. The official did not mention particulars about release dates. EA is also in advanced talks to deploy Apex Legends in China, copying another Epic policy. On the other hand, the company praised Apex Legends as quickly the fastest-growing franchise it ever had. Wilson said they are extremely excited about the future of Apex Legends. The company says engagement is active, and it has big goals for the Legends and the world in which it races.

It seems like EA is seeking to keep walking with Apex’s largest rivals, Fornite and PUBG. Both games are available for mobile phones. Although, both use different strategies. On one side, Fornite offers the same experience to users across different platforms. Whereas, PUBG has a separate version for mobiles – PUBG Mobile. Both games are most trending and leading; still PUBG mobile leads in case of players. According to The Verge, as of December 2018, there are around 200 million users of alone PUBG Mobile which is the total number of Fornite players.

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