Jeff Bezos Exposed Moon-Lander Model Along with Aim to Develop a Lunar Colony

Jeff Bezos Exposed Moon-Lander Model Along with Aim to Develop a Lunar Colony

On Thursday, Jeff Bezos, the Amazon CEO, has unveiled plans for his aerospace company Blue Origin. During an event in Washington, D.C., Bezos exposed a massive, twenty-feet-tall model of the company’s first lunar lander. They call it Blue Moon, a specially designed vehicle to land on Moon. Bezos praised the space vehicle and called it an amazing vehicle which is going to the moon. He also noted its time to step back on the moon and stay there. The lunar lander has the potential to deploy multiple metric tons of payload to the Moon. Besides, it can deliver up to four small probes and blast satellites in the lunar orbit. Bezos said the spacecraft would carry NASA officials as well as future Blue Moon customers.

Blue Moon is a product of Blue Origin, a Jeff Bezos company. It can not only deploy payloads to the lunar surface, but it can also deploy cargo during flight. As per the company, Blue Moon has accuracy guidance and down sensors. Thus, machine learning technology enables it to precisely land on a particular region on the Moon. The company has also designed a larger version of Blue Moon lander to land a space vehicle on lunar land. Blue Origin estimates it could help the U.S. to return its astronauts to Moon by 2024.

The news arrives after Vice President Mike Pence’s announcement. Before some days, on March 26 Pence announced that NASA plans to develop a base in Moon’s orbit. He also recommended using any possible means for taking U.S. astronauts on the Moon by 2024. On the other hand, Blue Origin is building its New Shepard rocket intended for short space journeys. Bezos aims to colonise space and send people to work and live there. Still, the millionaire did not mention any particular launch date for Blue Moon or a special mission for it. While Bezos said, his company will send humans to space on New Shepard by the end of this year.

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