FDA Recommends Food Industry to Adopt New Date Labeling Citing Food Waste

FDA Recommends Food Industry to Adopt New Date Labeling Citing Food Waste

What do we usually see while buying a product? The price, manufacture date, and expiry date are some of the critical aspects people check while purchasing a product. Many times they are unable to understand what precisely those dates mean. Thus the products remain unused for more time than the date printed on the bottom. They even don’t know whether to keep those food products or throw them out. Now the Food and Drug Administration is trying to curb food waste with a new push. On Thursday, the agency issued a notice to the food-processing industry broadly. In the letter, the FDA offers its support behind a growing trend to follow the term “Best if Used By”. It recommends the companies to adopt the use of the phrase on packaged food labels.

Frank Yinnas the FDA’s deputy commissioner for food policy and response, compared food waste with buying few products at the supermarket. He said, assume that you go to a supermarket and walk out with three bags full of groceries. After that, you throw one bag away. Frank noted it sounds ridiculous, but it usually happens. As per the executive, it is shocking that people often throw away useful food items.

The fed agency also published a post on its website recommending food industry to minimise confusion over date labels. According to the post, the food industry and consumers, Americans are throwing out around one-third of food. Besides, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) reported Americans waste around 133 billion pounds or $161 billion in food every year. The FDA notes the date label on packaged-food items is the primary concern; people cannot easily understand it. At the moment, there exist various terms like “sell by, expires on, or sell by”.  A study has revealed that there is a lot of confusion due to the usage of different types of date labelling terms. Thus the federal agency intends to decrease the complexity by standardising date labelling.

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