Alienware Launches Slim Gaming Laptops at Computex 2019

Alienware Launches Slim Gaming Laptops at Computex 2019

Alienware has launched its “Legend” laptop design overhaul at CES with the monster Area-51m. At Computex 2019, the company has released the latest version of its thin gaming laptops exhibiting that same design. Price of Alienware’s powerful Area-51M starts at $2,150. Though, it needs a substantial investment citing its price and size. At first sight, it looks like one of the smooth-running laptops ever available in the market. The Alienware m15 and m17 arrive with some best upgrades and new alternatives. The company has also announced a set of cost-effective headsets to maintain its individual model company.

Although both laptops are not that slim, the company has developed its thinnest-ever laptops; still, they are pretty large machines. It is the second time the company has redesigned the laptops. Thus the change arrives in Alienware’s main line of computers, that too in less than a year. But the differences are just from the upper side or say in the looks. There is a new keyboard along with crucial further travel, a new glass trackpad. It also includes Intel’s latest 9th generation processors and Nvidia’s latest GTX and RTX graphical processing units.

It offers options like 2.5 Gbps Ethernet, as well as, one can equip the m15 with a 240Hz screen and a Tobii eye-tracking. Most importantly, the displays include EyeSafe’s blue-light-reduction technology that Dell revealed on most of its laptops. The low blue light technology is the latest magical buzzword from laptop makers. It is to prevent eye damage from a lot of blue light. Most of the Dell laptops have blue light technology, Eyesafe. It locks the blue light in the display itself, without affecting the colours. Meanwhile, the 17-inch model will only provide 60Hz or 144Hz 1080p panels. The new models could arrive in the market in July, starting at $1,500. Besides, previous models will remain in the lines with prices starting at about $1,150. Last but not least, the Alienware Stereo Gaming black-coloured headset will start at $80.

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