Study Finds E-Cigarettes Can Increase the Risk of Heart Disease

Study Finds E-Cigarettes Can Increase the Risk of Heart Disease

Many people think that e-cigarettes are less harmful than regular cigarettes. But scientists have discovered that flavours present in e-cigs could impose heart risk. Longtime smokers who can’t deal with addiction sometimes prefer to e-cigarettes. They think it would prevent the entry of cancer-causing chemicals, present in tobacco smoke, into the lungs. But cigarette smoking doesn’t just lead to lung cancer. It’s a top reason for heart attacks, too, and little is known about e-cigarettes and heart disease. Chemicals in the inhaled vapour may pose particular risks that are important to understand, especially as more and more teens are adopting the trend of vaping.

Scientists at Stanford University analysed six flavours, including fruit, tobacco flavours, cinnamon and menthol, on the cells which line blood vessels. They discovered the flavourings, including different levels of nicotine, pose harm to DNA, cell death and swelling. The new study also found that the severity of that DNA damage relies on the flavour of the vape juice. Mostly cinnamon and menthol impose more damage to the DNA. Joseph Wu, from the Stanford University School of Medicine, said till date, they had no information revealing the impact of e-liquid on human endothelial cells. Whereas, the new study clearly shows that e-cigs are not a safe alternative for traditional cigarettes.

According to the study, published on Monday in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, scientists grew cells usually present in blood vessels of a healthy human. As a result, Vaping and some flavourings, even without nicotine, initiated blood vessel dysfunction that can raise the risk of heart disease. Surprisingly, around three million British adults use e-cigs since their availability. The study’s co-author, Dr Won Hee Lee, Assistant Professor at the University of Arizona, said, while smoking a traditional cigarette, people are aware of how many cigarettes have smoked. But people may get confused in case of e-cigarettes. Thus they get easily exposed to a higher level of nicotine within a short period of time.

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