Snapchat Employees Abused Access to User Data by Snooping on Them for Years

Snapchat Employees Abused Access to User Data by Snooping on Them for Years

Snapchat Employees have the privileged access to User data for analysis, but according to the former employees and the string of emails between the company employees, it is revealed that they were violating the laws by snooping on the users. By using the SnapLion app, which is provided to specific employees to analyze user data, have been misused to snoop on the users. According to the news report published by a popular tech news portal “Motherboard,” the employees have been abusing the tool from Snapchat to snoop of other users private snaps.

According to the report and two former employees of the company, multiple employees have been misusing the tool for personal benefits from the last few years. The internal tool named SnapLion allowed some of the employees to access User data like Location information, personal contact information, and also saved snaps. Snapchat is pretty strict about the policies to obtain user data and personal information, but the employees were misusing the data that they had access for analytical purpose. The employees had access to the data needed to improve the service and provide a better user experience. But the SnapLion tool was misused by many of the former and current employees for personal benefits.

SnapLion tool was developed to access the data and act on the Law Enforcement orders and the subpoena. Also, it helped the “Spam and Abuse” team to delete the content that is abusive, harmful, and dangerous to the community. The main aim of this tool was to combat bullying and harassment on the platform for Spam and Abuse team. According to a current employee, Spam and Abuse team, Customer Ops team and Security team has access to the SnapLion tool, and many of them have missed the same for personal benefits and snooping on other users. Before this report, no one outside the company knew that Snapchat has the tool to access private user data.

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