Tesla Customers Can Play Cuphead on Model 3, Model S, and Model X

Tesla Customers Can Play Cuphead on Model 3, Model S, and Model X

There’s good news for Tesla owners. Now they are going to get an in-vehicle entertainment. On Sunday Elon Musk, the Tesla CEO has announced a series of new arrivals during IGN’s Ride The Lightening podcast. The electric car will soon have an onboard video game to play. Musk noted he is working with developers to introduce Cuphead, one of the most popular shooter video game. It will soon hit Tesla’s huge dashboard touchscreens. Musk said the company could release the game sometime this summer. Musk told Ryan McCaffrey, Cuphead, they have got functioning. He notes it is a cool game and an extremely difficult one. It has a twisted plot, as well as dark. It seems like you are going into some cute little Disney thing.

Musk said it would be available later this summer on Tesla Model 3, Model S, and Model X cars. As per Musk, it will only include one section of the game, Inkwell Isle One. It is due to lack of storage in the vehicles. Musk also stated about some of the challenges that they are facing in case of storage size. He is quite unsure that all the games will be present for users. So users have to select a game they want to play and then download it. After that, if a user wishes to play another game, they have to delete the previous one and download the new one.

The project is possible in part thanks to Tesla’s work on porting the Unity game engine to its infotainment system. The carmaker had a particular interest in making Cuphead available, too, with Maja Moldenhauer showing-off that Tesla had “reached out” for cooperation. Thus the only condition to play the game is, it requires to play super, super clean along with precise control. It apparently needs a USB controller to use, other than with the car’s touchscreen. It sounds as though Tesla’s intending for targeting a release date of later this summer. But drivers will only be able to play the Inkwell Isle One section of the game, due to the storage drawbacks.

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