Maxar Technologies to Build Keystone Modules for NASA's Lunar Gateway Station

Maxar Technologies to Build Keystone Modules for NASA’s Lunar Gateway Station

NASA’s plans to build an outpost for the in-depth space research and also a mini-space station are taking shapes, as the Space Research Organization awarded Maxar Technologies with the contract to build Keystone Modules for the Lunar Gateway Station. NASA is optimistic about the project and awarded the contracts worth $375 million to Maxar Technologies. The company has to design, build, and launch the core element of a mini-space station in orbit of the moon. According to NASA, the keystone modules of the mini-space station would work as the deep space research outpost for the astronauts as they would be away from the influence of earth’s gravity.

With Huge solar panels and high-power Xenon thrusters, the modules will become the part of Lunar gateway station, which would be the base station for the future moon missions from NASA and the partner agencies. NASA is also planning to add pressurized cabins to let the astronauts take rest in it. All of that would be assembled before the next lunar mission, which is scheduled in 2024. As Lunar Gateway Station is the base station for Astronauts before and after Lunar missions, it would be put in the orbit around the moon.

Maxar technologies have only received the contract to design, build, and launch the Keystone module of the station. But, there are tons of other modules to be added to the station in the space. Some of the essential modules are the Power and Propulsion element, Cabin elements, etc. With the Power and Propulsion element, the astronauts would be able to maneuver the station anywhere near the landing site without any issues. According to the statement from NASA, the agency wants astronauts to land on the lunar surface and study the water deposits near the southern pole of the moon.

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