US Might Ban Hikvision and DJI After Huawei

US Might Ban Hikvision and DJI After Huawei

It is tough for Chinese companies to work in the United States after the trade war with China has begun. Recently, Chinese giant Huawei took the bullet with President trump signing an executive order barring Huawei from trading with any other United States based business. The company is entirely prohibited by all of the US-based companies like Intel, Google, Microsoft, etc. Now, the reports from reliable sources indicate the US government is planning to impose Ban or temporary restrictions on DJI and Hikvision in the country.

The United States Government is thinking to impose Ban on Hikvision, which is the Chinese surveillance company. On the other hand, DJI is safe regarding the Ban but still in hot water. According to DJI spokesperson, all they want to do is to sit back and observe ongoing activities and later negotiate with the government if things go wrong. According to the reports, the department of commerce is thinking to impose new regulations on the companies, forcing the US-based companies to get written approval from the department to sell components to the Chinese companies. Hikvision is one of the biggest Chinese companies in the united states, which is now the next target of the department of commerce.

DJI is not the prime company being targeted by the department of commerce, but the recent developments suggest that the company is moving up in the suspect’s list. According to the department of homeland security, using Chinese drones is not safe considering the interference from the Chinese government in Chinese companies. As almost 80% of the drones in the United States of America are from DJI, the department of homeland and borderland securities is suspicious and wants to take the safer route. Hikvision is pretty good even with the Ban or restriction from the government, as they import the components from South Asian countries and not the American companies.

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