Asus Launches Zenbook Pro Duo Laptop with Dual-Screen

Asus Launches Zenbook Pro Duo Laptop with Dual-Screen

Asus is making everyone in the tech industry mad after the recent launch of the Asus Zenbook Pro Duo laptop, which is a dual screen laptop. To cater the laptop users who need to use the device for video editing and image processing, the Zenbook Pro Duo comes with beautiful dual-screen setup on the same laptop. From now on, the designers and editors would not need an external display setup to work correctly. Instead, they can use the secondary display added on the keyboard panel of Asus Zenbook Pro Duo laptop.

The secondary display is located on the keyboard deck, which is pretty much similar to the touch bar but is a touch-screen LCD Display with 7.8-inch size. From the sound of the same, it feels weird but once seen; no one can ignore the beauty of the laptop and perfect placement of the LCD. The first display of the device is 15.6 inch 4K OLED HDR display, which is vibrant enough to show more than a million colours. The secondary touch screen 4K display can be used to take notes as it supports inking with a stylus, watch a video, play a piano, guitar or even use it as the secondary display extension to the main display.

The specifications of this Asus Zenbook Pro Duo laptop are excellent and up to the industry standards of a high-end laptop. With Intel Core i9 eight-core CPU, NVIDIA RTX 2060 GPU and PCIe x4 SSD slots, the device is capable of handling all of the tasks the user wants to perform. Also, the “Turbo cooling” feature is excellent for keeping the laptop cool under load and suitable for the gamers, video editors who keep using the laptop for resource-intensive tasks. Asus showed the real-life use demos of the secondary display in the press conference and launch event.

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