Spotify Adds Sleep Timer to the Android App

Spotify Adds Sleep Timer to the Android App

Spotify recently introduced the sleep timer feature to the  Android app. The sleep timer feature helps the users to turn off the music on the set timings. This is helpful for those who listen to music while sleeping and forget to turn off the music afterwards. The feature of sleep timer is already present in the iOS version of the Spotify app, but this is the first time Spotify has introduced the same to Android version of its app. Sleep timer was one of the most requested features from the Android users of the app.

The users who are willing to access this feature must be on the Now Playing page with any song playing in the background. After that, the users can tap on the Overflow menu button, which is located on the top right corner. Then, they can access the sleep timer function. Once activated, the sleep timer will immediately trigger the present time and stop playing music, saving your ears while sleeping and also keeping the battery life of the device. By default, the options available in Sleep timer are from 5 mins to 1 hour and even another variant of “End of Track,” which will stop playing music once the song you are currently playing ends.

The feature is being activated from the server side and not from the client side. So, the users won’t have to update the app from Play Store to get access to the Sleep Timer. The rollout is server side, and all of the users will get it sooner or later without needing to update the application. Spotify is currently growing at an exponential rate and is launched in the biggest markets, India. With the recent flow of feature updates, the users seem to be happier than ever.

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