Robert Downey Jr. Aims to Clean the Planet Using Robotics and Technology

Robert Downey Jr. Aims to Clean the Planet Using Robotics and Technology

On Tuesday evening Actor Robert Downey Jr. has announced a new project called The Footprint Coalition to clean up the planet. He intends to use advanced technologies to do so. The news arrived at an event hosted by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos — about how robotics, AI, and other advanced technologies could be the solution for reversing humanity’s destructive carbon footprint. The event is for the online retailer and other companies to expose how they utilise artificial intelligence and other technology. The actor is promising to save the Earth the only way Iron Man knows, i.e., with artificial intelligence. He said using robotics and technology; they could probably clean up the planet significantly, if not entirely, within the upcoming ten years.

The Footprint Coalition is ready to start in April 2020. Robert has promised to spend the next 11 years working on making some kind of difference. He even calls it a giant threat to the future and the mess which humans leave behind. Robert noted they could make use of robotics and nanotechnology to achieve the goal. He also mentioned that having a dinner conversation with a group of experts has inspired him for the work. According to Forbes, Robert has a net worth of $81 million.

The 52 years old actor said he is going to spend the next month’s putting together precisely, and getting actual smart people around me. Well, Downey didn’t reveal what technology it plans to use and made no note of partners, investors or advisers. Whereas the website, which thanks visitors for “care about Mother Earth,” features a sign-up form for a newsletter. On the other hand, Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO, says now we are at the starting of a golden age of Artificial Intelligence. Latest advancements have already resulted in finding that previously resided in the domain of science fiction. Bezos noted they have only notched the surface of what’s possible. The Amazon CEO added they are excited to create re: MARS, bringing together leaders and builders from various areas to share learnings and ignite new ideas for future inventions.

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