Study Finds Eating White Meat is as Harmful as Red Meat for Cardiovascular Health

Study Finds Eating White Meat is as Harmful as Red Meat for the Cardiovascular Health

A small new study reveals white meat, like chicken, would also increase cholesterol levels same as red meat. A new study, published on Tuesday, in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, is raising issues against poultry and cholesterol. Thus replacing red meat to chicken to keep your cholesterol down may not be a good idea. The study had found that people’s blood cholesterol levels rose equally when they ate a diet filled with either red or white meat, compared to a diet without meat. So eating high quantities of white meat like chicken could increase your cholesterol just as much as consuming red meat like beef.

The study involved around 113 healthy people having age between 21-65. Those people rotated four-weeks eating mostly red meat, white meat or plant protein diets. The plans were separated by two-week intervals, where they returned to their regular foods before switching to the next protein diet. Scientists had divided candidates into two groups. The first one included people who ate high-saturated fat. Whereas, another group included people who consumed low-saturated fat. Scientists did so to test the impact of saturated fatty acids on the heart. Ronald Krauss, the director of Atherosclerosis Research at CHORI, is a senior author of the study.

As per the author, it is the first study to directly compare the effects of red meat, white meat, and non-meat sources of protein on cholesterol levels in diets. During the analysis, they had kept other major nutrients constant. Besides candidates had control over saturated fat consumption. All the participants quit taking vitamin supplements and drinking alcohol during the study. Krauss said the level of LDL cholesterol was the same with both red meat and white meat. Besides, the LDL level was lower with plant-based protein. So the outcome can be viewed as indicating either a cholesterol-raising effect of both types of meat, or a cholesterol-lowering effect of plant foods, or both.

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