Women Are Not Aware Of Breast Cancer Linked To Alcohol Consumption

Women Are Not Aware Of Breast Cancer Linked To Alcohol Consumption

When it comes to taking care of our health most of the times, we don’t give that much importance to what kind of food we should eat. Now a recent survey shows many women don’t know that drinking alcohol is linked with breast cancer. Many people would be surprised, but women are indeed quite unaware of the disadvantages of drinking alcohol. Only one out of five women who are attending a breast cancer clinic knew that consumption of alcohol could lead to breast cancer.

Researchers of this health study found 5-11% of cases of breast cancer of those women who are consuming alcohol. There were more than 200 women who participated in this health study and researchers examined every habit of theirs to determine the symptoms of having breast cancer. While discussing lifestyle-related risk factors, they found that half of them know smoking is one of the leading causes of breast cancers. But only 16% of total women in this group knew that alcohol consumption is also one of the leading reasons for breast cancer among women.

Even when asked about whether they know about how much alcohol consumption they shall do the majority of them said yes. But, when asked whether they follow that benchmarks, many of them said no, which shows that ignorance is becoming one of the leading problems among women. Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of death among women, and yet it’s been observed that they are mostly ignorant about it. More than ninety percent of those women who got diagnosed with breast cancer had a clear family history, which means that it’s their fault. Now to make sure women know about the risks of consuming alcohol, many health organisations are trying to do public awareness about it.

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