Instagram Is Going To Put Ads Within Explore Page

Instagram Is Going To Put Ads Within Explore Page

The technology is growing at a faster rate, and we see different types of ads while surfing on the internet. Now recently, social media giant company Instagram said that they are going to put ads within the explore page. Explore page is where the user tries to discover new content, and now Instagram is trying to monetize it very smartly. You won’t find any Ads directly under explore page, but while scrolling through the discovery feed, you would stumble upon an Ad.

The team behind this said that Ads are going to be either in photos or videos plus the team is quite excited about this new experiment. Company thinks explore page is where most of the users spend their time and adding Ads there will help them to earn some revenue. Instagram has been a significant influence in social media sector because teenagers have liked this platform for sharing photos and videos about what’s happening around them daily.

The advertising sector is changing at a faster rate, and people usually don’t like to see unrelated ads. However, one significant benefit Instagram here have is that people are going to see the Ads on Discovery page where they usually come to find new people or bands. So even if they saw an unfamiliar Ad, they are probably going to react to it since it could be of their interest. However, the team of instagram hasn’t clearly said why they till date didn’t use any Ads on explore page. It seems like the time is right now, and people might give it a positive response. However, some experts think this new Ad placement might change the user experience. Instagram is already showing Ads in stories and regular feed. Since they have chosen a new spot for displaying ads, it’s going to disrupt user interface.

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