NASA Alerts About Three or More Massive Sized Asteroids Headed To the Earth

NASA Alerts About Three or More Massive Sized Asteroids Headed To the Earth

The astronomists and entities like NASA keep watch on comets and asteroids that pass through the solar system, round the clock. This is also necessary to learn about the possibility of such celestial bodies coming near the Earth or causing any disruption in the solar system. In the latest development that has made the scientists cautious, NASA has warned about three or more massive asteroids that are about to pass close by the Earth. In case they collide with the planet, large scale destruction is possible. The swarm of asteroids may come near 1.1 million miles of the planet, as per NASA claims. It may sound a lot in words, but it is approximately 5 x the distance between the moon and Earth.

The first asteroid that will pass near the Earth is called 2019 XB. It will cruise past the Earth’s orbit at a speed of 17,700 mph. Or more. It is the biggest one among the four asteroids with 361 feet in diameter. It will be followed by another asteroid named 2019 WT3, which is relatively smaller and measures 220 feet approx. It will pass at a speed of 24,700 mph. The rock reportedly orbits the sun every 664 days. The third asteroid that will be visiting is named 2019 WO2. It is actually smaller than the two and measures approx. 174 feet. It will also be passing by the closest vicinity. It will, however, move at a breezy pace, unlike the other two. It takes 962 days to make one complete round in the sun’s orbit.

Along with the three asteroids, another one will pass near the Earth. The 324-foot asteroid is named 2019 XW. This one will move at a blazing speed of 35,000 mph, and it will come as close as 2.5 million miles. The exciting thing is asteroid 2019 XW is a recently discovered one. It makes one full circle around the sun in about 524 days. While a collision with any of these asteroids will lead to massive destruction on the Earth, the scientists think that is not going to happen- at least this time.

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