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The super-active team behind First News Editor is one of the reasons behind its popularity. We are always looking for smart writers, who are fond of scripting, to join the fleet of contributors at First News Editor. The people aiming to share their knowledge, views, and experience are always welcome. Our contributors are very enthusiastic about writing stories and use First News Editor as a platform. The primary goal here is to maintain the authentic and exclusive quality of the content, which we publish regularly.
You might have noticed First News Editor published in sectors like Business, Science, Health, and Science. Our community of contributors includes professionals from various. You don’t have to be an expert to become a contributor. But it is essential to know about the topic you are writing. You can take your time to copy-edit your content. Also perform multiple grammar checks, if necessary since we accept top quality content.
To become a contributor at the First News Editor, you need to follow some rules which are as follows:

  1. You cannot use any tool to build the context.
  2. The given article must be solitary; it should not be assigned or sponsored to any other site. Thus it must include a unique material and cannot be published on any other platform before ours.
  3. Minimum word limit projected for the news article is 300 words. In some cases, you may expand the limit up to 400 words, on a condition where more detailing is essential.
  4. When we say a top quality article, it means that there should be simple, and readable. It is up to you how to combine quality diction without using complex words which are difficult to understand.
  5. Note: By submitting your work to us, we have a right to use across the platform. In case of any queries feel free to contact us.