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Carl Walter- Sr .Editor
Email: carl@firstnewseditor.com
Phone: +1 512-845-8160

Carl being an entrepreneur is an experienced person in the Business sector. He is a multitalented person having an elite skill set in writing, marketing and business. Carl plays a crucial role of senior editor at First News Editor. Being a proficient writer, he scripts exotic articles related to the Business sector. The wide variety of news commonly hosts other sub-categories like shares, the stock market, billionaire’s broadcast. It also includes news from various giant companies like Uber, Tesla, Facebook, Google, Nissan, and so on.

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Nick-Taylor- Editor
Email: nick@firstnewseditor.com
Phone: +1 512-845-8160

Nick specializes in Science writing and has explored a broad array of topics including space missions, moon landings, Mission to Mars, sky observatories, telescopes, etc. Along with this he also scripts articles related to new findings, scientific discoveries, various researches. Nick is not just a writer or editor; he is also a reader who likes to learn and try new things.

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Mike Anderson – Author and Contributor
Email: mike@firstnewseditor.com
Phone: +1 512-845-8160

Mike has been a leading news writer at First News Editor. Apart from this, he is a content marketer, who secures an independent blog. Throughout his career, Mike has worked with many top companies and news agencies. At the First News Editor, he mainly focusses on writing stories related to Health and Technology. He covers articles comprising outbreaks, diseases, epidemics, medicines, and other health-related news. Additionally, Mike offers new arrivals in the Technology sector, including new gadgets, devices, games, controllers, etc.

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